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Educational Game for kids


Let kids learn the worldof animals by learning by drawing and sounds!Game for toddlers is a collection of 2 educational games for your kids (Virtual Zoo and Animal book). Teach your babies with fun.2 games all in one with ♬♬♥♥ Educational Game for toddler! Animal sounds ♬♬♥♥
✔ Game Level 1: Animal Book: Have fun with learn funnny animals and animals sound!
• Chimpanzee• Lion • Cow• Whale• Rooster• Horse• Elephant• Monkey... etc .......
✔ Game Level 2: The Zoo! All the animals in a virtual zoo! This touch sound app is specifically designed with toddlers or babies in mind with a simple and intuitive navigation between the different pictures.
The recommended age is 2-/7 years, perfect for preschooler’s kids.
With the Educational game for kids Free will learn:- Forms and shapes- Numbers- Memory- The logic to solve puzzles- The animals, their names and sounds- Colors- Distinguish shapes and colors
Please feel free to contact us for any questions, to add a specific sound, to fix a bug or any other improvements you think will help this making a great app for Android.
**************************************This full game is free, for this reason contains ads. Thank you.**************************************